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  andrea gomez: artist's statement (value of the brandless )       

  Throughout my career, I have been advised by kindly would-be mentors, "Consistency Matters  Be consistent.   Be recognizable. Create a Brand."  They were speaking of nothing more than formal subject matter, the nouns of my paintings. I would respectfully counter with "yes, but the clouds thrill me and then the human figure intrigues me and then mythic narrative and Biblical text move me...." and on and on and on. I doubt I convinced them. [continued on the artists's statement page]

Index of links to Reviews
Awards, Features and Mentions

Max Halperen's review

in The News and Observer

of The Divine Milieu

Raleigh Contemporary Gallery



Kate Dobbs Ariail's

review in The Independent Weekly

of Pictures from

the Birth of the World



Chuck Twardy's

review in

The News and Observer

of  2 concurrent shows


                   Chuck Twardy's

                        review in

      The News and Observer  "Ishmael

          in the Wilderness"

Kate Ariail Dobb's

review in

The Independent Weekly

of Interior Landscapes


Jurors Notes

Dr. Sarah Schroth

curator, Duke University Museum

for New Works 2003,

Artspace, Raleigh


Max Halperen

short review

Durham Art Guild Show

The News&Observer


Geoff Edger's

feature in

The News and Observer

Art for Raleigh Sports Arena


Chuck Twardy's

short review

News and Observer

Velvet Without Elvis

Blue Greenberg's review in the

Durham Herald Sun

Ishmael in the Wilderness



Matt Shaw's


in The Cary News

Art Never Stands Still for Andrea Gomez



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