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The Portrait Process


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Hidden Souls

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The portrait, any portrait, is just one still instant in a life composed of millions of instants.   I think of it less as a stop frame movement and more the sum of all those instants. Some of our attributes are present throughout our lives; some are more fleeting. It is my job to sort through it all, pick and choose which attributes I wish to portray to tell the truest story of the individual.

When you view my portraits, you will not see convention or simple facsimile. Instead, hopefully you will see my interest in the physical representation of a person's personality or history or loves or accomplishments or any combination of these elements. The subject or the subject's family and friends are very important in this process as I depend on them to give me the dimensions missing from a photograph or even sitting sessions. Who is the subject? What does she represent to her loved ones, to the world, to herself? What place is most like home for her: her living room, the sea, the mountains, surrounded by her children?



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